Save More Time & Money by Buying from a Supplier Who is also your Distributor!

Differentiate Your Store with Wilcor’s Exclusive and Trendsetting Products

Wilcor started as a product supplier, learning the ins and outs of the outdoors and vacation industry. However, we quickly learned that by offering our own exclusive designs and wholesale products, our sales (and yours!) skyrocketed.

• We carefully select our manufacturers, researching for the lowest price with the highest quality.

• Our exclusive lines will never be found in big box stores – you could be the only one in your area who carries these unique products, making your store a destination.

• With 5600 wholesale products in over 100 categories, Wilcor is a one stop shop for those looking to supply their stores. Rather than buying from multiple distributors and paying freight from many of them, you can shop from us and we offer free freight options.

• Our product lines are growing and evolving every day, keeping your store’s inventory fresh and fun – leading to bigger sales and more customers.

Streamline your wholesale supply chain – Wilcor can be your supplier AND distributor!

Sell more with Wilcor!


Subject: Stay Ahead of the Competition with Wilcor’s Unmatched Products

Hi [Customer’s Name],

Are you looking to take your retail business to the next level? At Wilcor, we have the perfect solution for you. As a leading distributor turned product manufacturer, we’ve revolutionized the retail landscape, offering our customers unmatched benefits:

Better Products, Better Prices: Our own product line ensures superior quality at competitive prices, giving you the edge over traditional distributors.
Uniqueness and Exclusivity: Stand out from the competition with our unique designs and features that can’t be found elsewhere.
Streamlined Supply Chain: Simplify your procurement process by accessing a wide range of products from a single source, reducing costs and logistics hassles.
Sustaining Uniqueness: As your business grows, maintain your distinctiveness with our comprehensive selection, eliminating the need to rely on multiple suppliers.
Elevate your retail success with Wilcor’s product line and stay ahead of the market. Let’s discuss how we can help you achieve your goals. Reply to this email or give us a call at [Phone Number].

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