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For stores competing for attention in the vacation industry, Wilcor has been working hard to help you stand out. Our exclusive design collections come in a variety of styles and products that were made to be displayed together – catching the attention of your customers and increasing your bottom line.

Our exclusive collections each have a different theme – camping, the beach, wildlife, etc – that form a cohesive look when marketed together. Not only will your customers zero in on these displays because they love the patterns, but you also increase your chance of making a sale because each product also comes in a variety of patterns – your customers will want to collect them all!

Wilcor currently has 14 different collections to shop and that number is growing every day!

Wilcor’s Collections can help boost your profits:

  • Higher profits, no discounts: that’s more money per sale in your bottom line.
  • Competitive edge: these patterns are exclusive to Wilcor, and we work within the vacation industry, not big chain stores, so you never have to worry about them taking your business.
  • Eye catching displays: These collections grab attention in fun displays. Everything matches and your customers will love finding new products to buy in their favorite patterns.
  • Designed to make you more money: Our main objective is to make YOU money. We want you to be more profitable without incurring extra costs or taking big risks.
  • Pick and choose what works for you: Stores can select a collection that fits their needs and start selling products that are proven to be successful. You can start with just one collection and grow it, or sell a few different collections and test which ones your customers love the most.

If you’re in an area where people vacation, Wilcor Collections are right for you.

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