What is Focused Buying?

Stay Ahead of the Competition

What strategy can you implement that will drasticly change your bottom line?

Focused Buying. Wilcor works with suppliers to negotiate and lower prices, passing those savings to you. We also regularly check to ensure that we are getting the best quality and the best price from those vendors. We also offer free freight and low cost shipping options – more savings for YOU!

This is something you can do as well. Negotiate prices with your suppliers and check around for the best quality and best pricing.

Similarly, Wilcor is constantly making new products for you to sell, keeping your merchandise fresh for your customers – increasing the likelihood for them to buy.

By implementing our Focused Buying approach, you can increase your sales potential and decrease your costs.


Subject: Wilcor: Transforming Vacation Industry Success

Hello [Customer’s Name],

In the competitive vacation industry, Wilcor stands out as a game-changer. Our focused buying strategies have revolutionized how businesses thrive in this dynamic market. Here’s how we can transform your success:

Strategic Buying Optimization: Negotiated discounts and favorable terms for cost-effective solutions.
Premium Product Selection: High-quality items at competitive prices, including our unique branded offerings.
Proactive Approach: Continuously improving our product offerings for significant sales leaps.
Comprehensive Support: Thorough follow-up and exceptional customer service.
Partner with Wilcor to maximize profitability, attract more customers, and establish your business as a frontrunner. Experience the transformative power of Wilcor today!

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